Vizgen Seminar

Molecular Atlassing with MERSCOPE Reveals the Spatial Organization of Mouse and Human Tissues

Friday, December 3, 2021

2:00 PM CST (3:00 PM EST)

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Presenter: George Emanuel, PhD, Co-founder Vizgen, Director of Technology and Partnerships

Biological systems are comprised of numerous cell types, intricately organized to form functional tissues and organs. Cell atlas initiatives with single-cell RNA sequencing have begun to characterize cell types based on their RNA expression profiles. However, the tissue organization is lost when cells are dissociated for single-cell sequencing, making it difficult to study how the cellular heterogeneity is contributing to the function of the tissue.

In this presentation, we will introduce you to Vizgen's all-in-one in situ genomics platform MERSCOPETM which enables the direct profiling of the spatial organization of intact tissue with genomic-scale throughput.
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About George Emanuel

George is a Scientific Co-founder and Director of Technology and Partnerships at Vizgen. Trained as a biophysicist at Harvard University in the lab of Dr. Xiaowei Zhuang, he has spent the past decade developing highly multiplexed RNA fluorescence in situ hybridization-based technologies. His work includes inventing a high-throughput, image-based screening technology and demonstrating the capacity of MERFISH technology. Within Vizgen, George directs the technology development for the MERSCOPE Platform and coordinates strategic partnerships to enable researchers to apply MERFISH to their research.