Vizgen MERSCOPE® Platform Grant Program

PanCancer Pathways Panel

Submissions now closed

Submissions now closed.

Vizgen is proud to offer a grant program which will enable the winner access to a MERSCOPE® Platform single-cell spatial analysis project leveraging the new PanCancer Pathways Predesigned Panel.

The Vizgen MERSCOPE Platform is the first and only commercial solution for MERFISH technology, enabling massively multiplexed, error-robust, single-cell in situ transcriptomic imaging. The MERSCOPE Platform solution includes reagents, the MERSCOPE instrument, and software to streamline the full process from sample to high-quality MERFISH data.

Vizgen’s MERSCOPE PanCancer Pathways Panel features a curated list of genes targeting canonical signaling pathways of cancer. It was constructed using recognized oncology databases including OncoKB, MutSig, The Cancer Genome Atlas, and Hallmarks of Cancer to ensure the inclusion of critical cancer genes. The Vizgen PanCancer Pathways Panel provides the ability to characterize tumor behavior at cellular and subcellular levels across multiple types of cancers. 

The PanCancer Pathways Panel has compatibility across breast cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, melanoma, ovarian cancer, and brain cancer.

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Application Criteria:

  • This application is limited to researchers in Europe and North America
  • Application deadline is July 21st
  • Grant winner will be announced August 2023

Winner Will Receive:

  • Full lab service project resulting in MERFISH measurement utilizing the MERSCOPE PanCancer Pathways Panel 500 Gene (Human) on 4 biological sample replicates (Fresh, fixed frozen or FFPE)
    • Sample imaging area is 1cm2 per slide.
  • Access to Vizgen MERSCOPE® Vizualizer analysis and visualization software
  • Data analysis consultation with Vizgen team
  • Vizgen Provides MERSCOPE Platform run time and labor to support entire MERFISH measurement, with data analysis consultation

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