MERFISH Mouse Liver Map

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This dataset contains a MERFISH measurement of a gene panel containing 347 total genes. The dataset includes the list of detected transcripts, gene counts per cell matrix, additional spatial cell metadata, cell boundary polygons, and DAPI images


Data Set Overview: 

Species Type Mouse
Tissue Type  Liver
Gene Panel Size 347
Number of Samples  4 total; 2 animal liver tissues, 2 replicates of each
Total Transcripts Detected  1,205,513,113
Total Cells  1,275,831

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Animal Number Replicate Number Sample Name  Full Data Set (Includes  transcripts, cells and images)
Animal 1 Replicate 1 L1R1

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Animal 1 Replicate 2 L1R2 Access Data Set
Animal 2 Replicate 1 L2R1 Access Data Set 
Animal 2 Replicate 2 L2R2

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To cite this data, please use: Vizgen MERFISH Mouse Liver Map January 2022

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