Dive deeper into spatial biology with the MERSCOPE Ultra platform

All the advantages of MERSCOPE, now with Ultra Benefits  

Benefit from ultimate flexibility and efficiency without compromising sensitivity as you dive deeper into cellular landscapes. Support for two different flow cell sizes optimizes cost per sample by enabling users to adjust reagent volume based on area imaged. Accelerate your research and discover new frontiers with MERSCOPE® Ultra, where every pixel holds the potential for a groundbreaking discovery.


Vizgen MERSCOPE Ultra







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Engineered for High-Performance and Maximum Insights

Flexible workflow
For each experiment, users can select from either a large (FCX-L) or standard (FCX-S) flow cell allowing users to better align reagent consumption with
area imaged

Large imageable area
The FCX-L flow cell supports up to 3.0cm2 imageable area while the FCX-S supports up to 1.25cm2

Faster imaging area and analysis speeds
Analyze up to 9.0cm2 per week

Fully Compatible
Works with existing MERSCOPE consumables and panels, up to 1000 genes full-custom


FXC-S Edit Final
FCX-L Fixed

By providing more, high-quality MERFISH data faster than ever, MERSCOPE Ultra delivers maximum value and biological insights from every sample

Customize experiments by selecting the desired flow cell size depending on your imaging area needs. Each flow cell is supported by its own MERSCOPE slide (Standard or Large) that is used to collect your sample.

Run samples from larger species and organs in a single experiment, eliminating the need for multiple runs, minimizing wasted tissue, and reducing costs.

MERSCOPE Ultra slids
MERSCOPE Ultra Slides with Samples

Human Liver Cancer Sample

Liver Data Set Spec Table

Figure 1: FFPE Human Liver Cancer sample analyzed with Vizgen’s MERSCOPE Immuno-Oncology Panel (500
genes). Genes shown in image are Sox9 (purple), Epcam (blue), Foxp3 (yellow).

Mouse Liver Ultra
Figure 1