MERSCOPE FFPE Sample Prep Solution

Unlock High-Quality FFPE Spatial Genomic Analysis

Formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue preservation is a commonly used tissue storage practice and represents a large portion of cancer tissue samples due to its ability to stabilize proteins, nucleic acids, and overall tissue structure. Vizgen’s MERSCOPE FFPE Solution is the first to bring high multiplexing, high resolution single-cell and spatial genomics analysis to FFPE samples.

Figure 1

ffpe lp 1

Figure 1: Spatial distribution of select genes from a 244-plex gene panel in FFPE human ovarian cancer, lymph node, tonsil, lung cancer, skin, and kidney samples. Scale bar represents 1 mm.

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MERSCOPE FFPE Sample Prep Solution

High-quality spatial genomics FFPE data from MERSCOPE

Vizgen's MERSCOPE FFPE Sample Prep Solution provides FFPE-specific sample processing protocols and reagents to reliably prepare FFPE samples for downstream MERSCOPE imaging and analysis.

MERSCOPE FFPE Sample Prep Advantages:

  • MERFISH technology provides multiplexed, error robust transcript detection
  • Flexibility across a wide range of FFPE tissue types including human lung cancer, human skin cancer, and mouse small intestine
  • Compatibility with existing MERSCOPETM Platforms- Users follow a similar user-friendly workflow with the FFPE reagents to perform MERFISH measurements on FFPE samples with MERSCOPE
  • New machine learning-driven CellPose cell identification provides unrivaled processing of spatial genomics data across tissue types
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Quality Spatial Genomics FFPE Data from MERSCOPE

Accuracy and sensitivity are critical features in generating biologically meaningful spatial genomics data. The MERSCOPE FFPE sample preparation solution provides unmatched accuracy and sensitivity and ensures successful, impactful spatial data generation.

High Correlation Between Matched FFPE and FF Samples

Figure 2

ffpe lp 3

Figure 2: A. MERSCOPE transcript counts for matched fresh frozen and formalin fixed paraffin embedded mouse brain tissue with correlation coefficient. B. Spatial distribution of mouse brain cells identified by a panel of 483genes from matched formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue (top row) and fresh frozen tissue (bottom row).

Unmatched Accuracy with Bulk RNA Sequencing Across FFPE Tissues

Figure 3

ffpe lp 4

Figure 3: A. Transcript counts plotted against matched bulk RNA-seq counts for MERSCOPE for Mouse Brain tissue with correlation coefficient. B. Correlation coefficient between MERSCOPE and bulk sequencing for 12 FFPE tissues.

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Visualizing in situ single-cell multi-omic gene expression from FFPE Tissue with MERSCOPE

  • Understand the robust MERSCOPE FFPE sample preparation workflow with optional protein co-detection.
  • Uncover how the MERSCOPE FFPE sample preparation solution provides unmatched accuracy and sensitivity to ensure successful, impactful spatial data generation.
  • Discover how the MERSCOPE Protein co-detection solution unlocks true multi-omic measurements within FFPE tissue samples.

Explore the FFPE Human Immuno-oncology Data Release

The MERSCOPE FFPE Human Immuno-oncology Data Release includes 16 MERFISH datasets generated by the MERSCOPE Platform from 8 different human tumor types, each measuring 500 genes representing approximately 4 billion transcripts and 9 million cells cumulatively.

  • Discover why the MERSCOPE FFPE workflow is highly sensitive, accurate, and reproducible
  • Explore how the MERSCOPE cell segmentation workflow enables true cell atlassing in dense tissue
  • Analyze how MERSCOPE identifies and maps cell types in human breast cancer
  • Visualize how MERSCOPE characterizes immune cell types in the tumor microenvironment

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