In-Person Vizgen Lunch and Learn:

MERSCOPE®:  A True Multiomic Spatial Analysis 
Platform for Biological Research

Thursday, April 18 2024
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CST 


Wilderness Place, Wild Bldg

Room 401

Presented by:

Sayak Mitter, Ph.D

Sr. Field Application Specialist, Vizgen

Miguel Medina, Ph.D.

Regional Account Manager, Vizgen




Biological systems are composed of numerous cell types, intricately organized to form functional tissues and organs. However, the tissue organization is lost when cells are dissociated for single-cell sequencing, making it difficult to study how cellular heterogeneity contributes to the function of the tissue.

In this presentation, we will introduce you to Vizgen’s all-in-one in situ genomics platform MERSCOPE, which enables the direct profiling of the spatial organization of intact tissue with genomic-scale throughput. MERSCOPE is a cutting-edge spatial biology platform powered by MERFISH technology, capable of co-detecting up to 500 genes and 6 proteins in cultured cells, FFPE, fresh frozen, and fixed frozen tissue types. You will learn how MERSCOPE spatial genomics can be applied to a wide range of biological research areas. Lunch will be provided to attendees. Register today!

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