Vizgen response to German Court permanent injunction against Nanostring CosMx instruments & reagents for RNA Detection

To Vizgen Customers and Partners

To our valued customers and partners, please be assured that this injunction has no impact on Vizgen. The decision is limited to NanoString and specifically to NanoString’s operations in Germany.

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On May 17th, the Munich Regional Court issued permanent injunctions against NanoString Technologies, Inc. and NanoString Technologies Germany GmbH. Our understanding is that the injunctions require NanoString to stop selling and supplying the CosMx™ SMI instruments and accompanying RNA detection reagents in Germany for use in Germany. The Court found that NanoString’s products infringed on a European patent asserted by 10x Genomics, Inc. and the President and Fellows of Harvard College. The permanent injunction orders, in our understanding do not prohibit NanoString from selling reagents for protein detection on CosMx SMI.

10x filed its German patent infringement suit asserting European Patent No. 2794928B1 against Nanostring in March 2022. The decisions are subject to appeal during which time the permanent injunctions are enforceable against provision of a security bond by the plaintiffs. NanoString has also challenged the validity of the ‘928 Patent through an action with the German Federal Patent Court.

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